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February 2022

Released Sound Spectrum Pro for Windows.

August 2020

WeSpice: upgraded simulation engine to NGSPICE 32.

July 2017

We added CIDER to WeSpice.

October 2014

Released Sound Spectrum Pro.

September 2014

We added to WeSpice: native support for Intel CPUs, spectrum plots (FFT), and waveform arithmetic.

July 2014

WeSpice now runs on phones too!

January 2014

Major updates of WeSpice: added digital and mixed-signal capability with XSPICE and upgraded simulator to NGSPICE release 26.

April 2013

After a lot of work we are ready to release a large project: WeSpice. It's an analog circuit design suite, using NGSPICE as simulation engine. It includes everything you need to build hierarchical schematics and run simulations.

October 2012

Released g-Force Recorder for Android.
What's next: we are working on two other projects: a serious science project and a large strategic game.

June 2012

Our first app release: Junior Painter for Android - built for kids, but it can be fun for everyone.

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