Our apps

Our Apps

Sound Spectrum Pro

A complete sound package for the sound engineer or enthusiast

RTA (Real-Time Analyzer), FFT (amplitude display driven by Fast Fourier Transform), SPL and LEQ meter, calibration, signal generators...

Based on high-performance real-time FFT with size up to 1M samples.

Everything is included, bundled in a friendly interface with many on-screen controls and smooth real-time display.


Analog, digital and mixed-signal circuit design and simulation on your Android device

WeSpice is a powerful and flexible electronic circuit design suite for everybody - professionals and hobbyists alike.

The simulation engine is NGSPICE, running locally on your Android device. No need to stay connected all the time to some server - everything is included!

g-Force Recorder

Ever wondered how many g's you're experiencing in your favorite roller coaster or in your car?
This application records the g-force sensed by your Android phone and gives you all the information you need.
It also doubles as a pedometer - it counts your steps (implemented as data postprocessing).

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